Happy 3rd anniversary, B1A4!

These five talented boys make my day better and light up my life.

I’m a proud BANA. 

Let’s Fly!


we warned you about that anime shit


when did we replace the word “said” with “was like”

I’ve never felt this way before, I can’t stop, it overflows
As if someone locked it up, my lips won’t open in front of you.

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that lost look in his eyes

What I love about this scene is how much it highlights the vacuity of that sort of patriotic rhetoric. What Pierce says to the Soldier here is what the popular conception of American patriotism looks and sounds like. It’s the rhetoric with truth long gone and with sentiment missing in action.

And why does Piece try this with his Soldier? Why bother with the hoopla when in a second Pierce is going to casually wipe him down and hose the decks clear of anything personal or emotional? Why spend the breath it takes to say these vapid things to a Soldier who needs no rhetoric and who has never needed convincing?

It makes me think that this is the process Pierce always goes through. He makes the speech, knowing the Soldier will do what he is ordered and not for any greater good, but he makes the speech because he wants the speech in the record, so to speak. He wants to be able to believe that he gave the Soldier reasons, not just empty orders.

But this is the first time the Soldier had something on his mind so the scientists are shocked, the guards are frightened, and Pierce’s empty, self-absolving pantomime is revealed to be empty. Pierce seems equal parts empty and disappointed when he gives the order to wipe him: angry that the pleasant lie he told himself got cut off just because the Soldier knew someone.

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Hoon @ LaQua Garden Stage
img cr: http://hot-korea.com


Hoon @ LaQua Garden Stage

img cr: http://hot-korea.com


I love how he then had to explain to the audience that he was joking.

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3rd annivasary!!!!!


3rd annivasary!!!!!


relationships like this are damn near extinct

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